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Catch Up to 5 Fish without pulling the downrigger weight!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

"The Ultimate Downrigger Weight Setup"

Downrigger Weight Set

BASIC SET: Catch up to 3 Fish

With the Base Set - A Total of Three Fish to be Caught before "Pulling" the heavy downrigger weight.

A Must Have Item Every Downrigger Fisherman Needs!

Package includes: Landing Plate & Two Dolfin Carriers

Dolfin Carrier Downrigger Weight Set Dolfin Carrier downrigger weight starter set $49.99

AD-ON WEIGHT SET - Catch 2 Extra Fish

Allows a Two Extra Fish to be Caught before "Pulling" the heavy downrigger weight.

Package includes: Two Extra Dolfin Carrier Downrigger Weights

Only $34.95

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dolfin Carrier extra downrigger weights


We use downriggers on the boat which has a large weight on the cable. A release is fastened to the weight, the fishing lure, and bait attached to the fish pole line are placed in the release and lowered down to the fishing depth desired. When a fish has struck, the release lets you reel the fish in. Now the fun begins. It is necessary to reel up the downrigger weight (80 to 100 ft sometimes) every time in order to attach the lure and bait to the release. I thought to myself "there has to be a better way using downriggers for fishing!"

After Making and trying many different prototypes of the Dolfin Carriers, we finally came up with the PERFECT product. The landing plate has a fin which keeps it in the right position when fish have struck and the DOLFIN CARRIERTM descends down to it for a landing. Also, the DOLFIN CARRIERTM is engineered so that the flow of water under the tail section is captured tipping the DOLFIN CARRIERTM forward and down,creating a slight friction on the downrigger cable, thus making its descent slower. In addition the DOLFIN CARRIERTM has a fin (part of the tail) which keeps it in line with the landing plate. The DOLFIN CARRIERTM makes downrigger fishing fun and easy and that's What We Like.

John Jensen, JCA Enterprises LLC

INSTRUCTIONS For Using the Dolfin Carrier Downrigger weights:

First, Place the aluminum landing plate with the 6 degree slope upward, just above the downrigger weight. Lower the downrigger weight to approximately 15 to 20 feet blow the desired fishing depth.

Release the flasher, hook and bait 12 to 15 feet behind the boat. Lay the fishing pole down with the tip slightly outside of the boat and in front of the downrigger. Put the DOLFFIN CARRIERTM on the downrigger cable. Move the Carrier forward so that the downrigger cable is to the back of the slot. (Toward Tail) Push the plastic pin all the way into the side hole and turn slightly to the right. While holding it, open the release jaw and place the fishing line into two thirds of the release jaw.

Pick Up the fishing pole and release the DOLFIN CARRIERTM letting it descend at a moderate rate down to the desired fishing depth. Place the fishing pole in a holder with the tip approximately 2 feet behind the downrigger.

After a fish has struck, give a slight jerk if the clamp does not release. Land the fish and simply do the same process again. If you are using two or more downriggers, always keep moving forward.

We do not recommend using more than four (4) Dolfin Carriers at a time. Reel up the downrigger weight to retrieve the Dolfin Carriers. When checking the bait, reel up slowly (sometimes fish will strike) or simply give a slight jerk releasing the DOLFIN CARRIERTM. There are fishermen who pull up the downrigger weight every time a fish gets on the line. Simply keep the fish away from the downrigger cable when landing them. CAUTION: Do Not let the downrigger weight drag on the bottom. It is possible for the DOLFIN CARRIERTM to come off


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